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With standard tournament team sizes of 7-9 and our overall squad of 19 there's a good chance we're going to have to ask some lads to miss certain tournaments this season. 

Read on for an idea of how we plan on approaching this challenge.

Always Testing

A key consideration we'd like you to understand is nothing here is concrete. This is our first season with this challenge and we'll continue to learn what works and what doesn't. 

Please consider this and feel free to let us know if you have alternative suggestions.

Player Availability

We'll typically know the allowed squad sizes for each tournament and enter a number of teams based on parent/player availability. Our expectation is that there will usually be 1-5 players unavailable for any given tournament meaning we'll have two teams of 7-9 players at most tournaments. 

When Team Limits Restrict Players able to Participate

When, like in the Bishops Cleeve Tournament, the teams are limited to 7 players we'll first check how many players are available. We'll typically want at least one sub per team so can enter three teams of 6. 

If we only have enough to enter two teams but too many to give everyone a place then we will have to give some players a rest. 

Rested players will be rotated so no one player should miss two tournaments due to limited team sizes. 

Any Volunteers?

Before having to make a decision on who is "rested" for a tournament we will ask if anyone is prepared to give up their spot and miss the tournament. 

No pressure here but if there's anyone who's available but not terribly fussed for any reason then it may make someone else's day if they sit the tournament out. 

Worst Case Scenario: Deciding Who Misses Out First 

The only fair way we can think to make this decision is through attendance records at this stage. We don't want to go down the ability route this early in the lad's development.

Other options include doing it alphabetically but unless we get any complaints we'll be doing it by attendance. 


We're really hoping it'll all work out without having to "rest" any of the lads who'd like to attend tournaments but the will be lot's of them this season so plenty of opportunities to play more matches. 

The main thing is for us to let you know about tournaments early as possible and for you to let us know if your son is available as soon as possible. 

That way we can move on to figuring out how many team's we'll enter and which players will play. 

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