Teams Shake Up

The squad has shown a huge leap in playing ability since splitting Rovers and United into three teams.

While the teams we originally setup were aimed at allowing school friends play together, the coaches and I have decided we'd like to mix things up through Winter.

Keep reading to learn the new teams we'll be trying at practice and what we're hoping to achieve. 

The New Teams


Frankie Gibbons

Leo Pocket

Marley Yearwood

Joseph Dee

Bishops Cleeve Colts

Alfie Edwards

AJ Scott


George Ballinger

Tyler Graham

Alfie Danter-Wilson

James Kennedy 

Max Williams

Thomas Harvey


Joshua Tredwell

Alessandro Biselli

Thomas Ford

Oliver Williams

Alfie Ashworth

Manas Atreya

Aron Baker

Why the Shake up?


The players from Albion and United have benefited from having new team mates and have developed new friendships but the Rovers could do with getting more time with the lads outside of their school class.


We want to keep the full squad used to playing with everyone, not just for their time with Cleeve Colts but for years of football and other life experiences.

They will continue practice in groups based on ability at times and at other times based on their tournament teams.


The lads will learn more playing with team mates they haven't played with much before. They'll also learn from playing against former team mates.

Many will find themselves having to do more or play different roles than in the past and others will get the opportunity to do more of what they want without feeling such responsibility to do what they have previously.

When's It Happening?

We play a mini tournament on the 8th of December so will try out the new teams at practice this Saturday.

Each child will likely react differently to the change.

Please let us know if yours is upset. We are obviously trying to play a balance between friendships, abilities, goalkeepers but can make small changes.

About the Author Conor Graham

Conor is the Head Coach of the Bishops Cleeve Colts U8's Rovers and United Teams. The 2018-19 season will be his second in charge and he's keen to help the boys push on from the huge improvements shown in 2017-18.

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