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Rules for CYFL U8s 5 v 5 Football Tournament 2018

Bishops Cleeve Colts Football Club


The rules are designed to be simple and as near to 'real' football as possible, except for:

Age qualification U8s: Players must be under the age of 8 at midnight on 31 August in the playing season. Players qualifying for the U7s are permitted to play at U8s level.Pitch: Maximum 40 x 30 yardsGoals: 12 x 6 feetBall: Size 3Match: 10 minutes straight through


4 for a win

2 for a score draw

1 for a draw

0 for a loss

no goal difference

Teams: 5v5 with recommended squads of up to 10

Substitutes: 'Rolling' subs during any break in play

Pass back to keeper: Allowed

Goal kicks: Pass-out only (foot, roll or throw)

Offside: No offside

Sliding tackle: Players must stay on their feet (free kicks will be given for a sliding tackle).NB: slide tackles committed by the defending team inside their own penalty area will result in a penalty kick.

Barging and charging: Normal physical contact including shoulder-to-shoulder is allowed but deliberate 'barging' or 'charging' into other players, even with the shoulder, is not allowed (free kicks will be given).

Free kicks: All direct, opposition retreat 5 yards

Corner kicks: Opposition retreat 5 yards

Kick-offs: Ball must go forward, opposition retreat 5 yards

  • Discipline: We have a simple three-stage discipline process:

[1] After minor infringements, players will be warned and reminded of the rules.[2] For more serious infringements or persistent minor infringements, players receive a 'Yellow' card.[3] For very serious infringements or a second Yellow Card offence, players receive a 'Red' card (excluded for rest of game and cannot be replaced but can continue in the tournament).

Dissent: Under our Respect guidelines, the referees will not tolerate any form of dissent from players or spectators.

Noise levels and shouting instructions

We have a simple rule: the noise level from the touchlines must remain BELOW the level of noise on the pitch. The children should be the loudest sound we can hear. If noise levels rise too much or continuous instructions are being shouted, preventing the children’s learning, then the referee will stop the game and ask adults to stick to the Respect League guidelines.

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Conor is the Head Coach of the Bishops Cleeve Colts U8's Rovers and United Teams. The 2018-19 season will be his second in charge and he's keen to help the boys push on from the huge improvements shown in 2017-18.

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