Preparing for the 2019-20 Season

The next 6 months is sure to fly by and we’ve recently met with senior club members to discuss what to expect next season. 

There's a lot more time commitment required as well as fees and travel compared to what we've encountered so far so it's important that we do what we can to prepare. 

We have pressure to absorb players from multiple angles right now and with our 2019-20 format changing to 7 aside football we need to take on some players if we’re to go back to two squads. 


Each team is put in a round robin league with 3-4 others with one match per Saturday. There is often a weekend off in between match days. 


Matches are 20 minutes each half with 7 players on the field including goalkeepers.

We’ll play at home and away so matches will could be anywhere from Winchombe to Bourton on the Water or Churchdown.


Match fees will be £2 on grass and £2.50 when playing on astro-turf. The astro-turf surfaces around Cheltenham will be used for Winter season matches. 

Teams, Squads and the Training Group

We currently have three teams Rovers, United and Albion. Plan is to keep these teams for tournaments between now and the 7 aside Lakeside tournament in May. 

We’ll want 3-4 subs for each match so match day squads will be ten or eleven. We currently have 18 players so we’ll be expanding our training group shortly.

We have 6 aside and 7 aside tournaments coming up this season so need to increase numbers if before the March tournament if we’re to have comfortable numbers to our standard field three teams.


Each team needs at least one Level 1 Qualified Coach. Conor will be one of those and Jin will be another. Ideally a couple more will put their hand up so both teams stay “compliant” should one of us be unable to attend a match.

Assistant Coaches

Andy and Frank will continue their roles but we'll likely want one or two more to help with the larger group. 

Mid-Week Practice

We'll start a mid-week practice session in September.

Younger teams often get low priority when it comes to booking space on the astro-turf but if we can get in early with our preferred times then there's a better chance we'll get what we want. 

Please click here and complete a few questions to help us know when's best for you...


Turf fees are just £2.50 per child which is great considering it provides lighting and a reliable surface to practice on each week. This will however mean an increase in fees compared to this season given there will also be the standard £2 fee per match. 

Anything I've Missed? 

Please comment or message me with any other details you'd like to know or things you know about the u9's season which others should too. 

About the Author Conor Graham

Conor is the Head Coach of the Bishops Cleeve Colts U8's Rovers and United Teams. The 2018-19 season will be his second in charge and he's keen to help the boys push on from the huge improvements shown in 2017-18.

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