How We Support

Module 3

Game experiences with:

  • minutes of play per player
  • formations the players experience
  • playing positions of each individual
  • working with key social influencers

Module Structure

Overview 4 Lessons

Number of Minutes

We have a strict policy of ensuring every player get's as close as possible to even game time. It's not as easy as you'd think given I'm also trying to give the lads the opportunity to play in the positions they want. 

We typically break the match into 8-minute periods and rotate 2-3 subs each period. Keepers are swapped at half time if both are keen to play a half in goal. They get 8 mins in the field on top of their half in goal. 


In matches we've only really utilised the 2-3-1 but the lads are exposed to a lot of smaller sided games in practice so they're always discussing which positions they'll have then who will play in them. 

We did change to a 3-2-1 for a match against the strongest team in our division and we actually scared them at time losing just 6-4. 

I considered trying a 1-3-2 for our final match of the season where we were again facing a similarly strong opposition. I put it past my coaches and we agreed there was simply too much potential for disaster and not enough time to prepare the lads. 

Working with Key Social Influencers

The team certainly has some strong personalities and lads who think they're pretty special. 

We'll often use them for demonstrations and give them the opportunity to discuss their ideas with the players. 

We haven't set captains at practice yet but I think it'd be good to start a discussion around the role of a captain and whether they think it should be rotated.

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