How We Play

Module 5

Playing Philosophy and how I like my team and players to play:

  • with the ball
  • without the ball
  • in transition


Module Structure

When We Lose Possession

Like any lads this age, when any of our lads lose the ball they try hard to win it back.

The problem we can have is when they burn out trying to get it without suitable support. This can then leave them unable to come back and defend their goal as a team. 

Now that we've laid out our plans for compressing on set defence I feel it's time to discuss when it's best to try and win the ball back and when it's best to start retreating and working with team mates to delay the opposition's advance and deny them the space around the front of our goal. 

Once we've established this more conservative approach we can then look at the more advanced strategy of having 2-4 players press to win the ball back or put it out of play so the team can reset. 

Towards the end of last season we started 

When We Take Possession

When we take possession there is usually just one direction in their mind and that's towards the opposition's goal. They'll try to dribble, pass or clear the ball in that general direction depending on how close to their own goal they are. 

It's not necessarily wrong but i think the next level is having won the ball can they think about where the opposition players are and move it away from them. Sounds simply but our lads will often turn right into a opponent and lose the ball they've just won. 

So on winning possession can then take a touch to move the ball away from opponents then look up to see what their passing and dribbling options are next. 

If it's safe to progress towards the opposition goal then go for it but also look for safe passing options which could lead to a switch or long pass up the line from a defender. 


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