How We Coach

Module 2

My coaching phylosophy and how it impacts upon how my team plays football. 

Module Structure

Introduction 4 Lessons


We couldn't ask for a better physical environment at Bishops Cleeve Colts. We have our weekly astro booking and the lads love being on that surface. 

The psychological environment we're trying to create is fun and supportive. Many of the lads are friends at school so there is a bit of distraction but we (the lads, through my coaching) have come up with rules and consequences so they only need to be told once if caught off topic. 

We have a pretty good set of parents who are encouraged to come forth if they have any questions or concerns and we think keeping the parents happy also keeps the lads positive.

Transparency is important to me so everyone should understand why decisions are made. 

The coaches and parents know that concerns should be raised after practice, not during so the coaches and players can concentrate on what they're doing, when they're supposed to. 

Session Plans 5 Lessons

Practice 1. 1 v 1 Defence

The session started with a match where players were observed for their ability to stay goal side against the player they were supposed to be marking. This is the video with commentary which was then shared with the lads as they all love their screen time! 

1 v 1 Defence Session 1 Match 2

After going away to practice 1 v 1 defending in progressive activities we then came back for the second match allowing the lads to practice the shadowing of attackers on the ball in a match environment. 

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