U11 Rovers Playbook

1 Module 4 Chapters 10 Lessons

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Course Structure

4 Chapters

Set Plays

How we approach situations live throw ins, goal kicks etc.

Goal Kicks 3 Lessons

The Quick Goal Kick

We play the ball in quick whenever it's safe to do so. This video is all about how to make the most of tired opposition players who are not paying attention to our intent to play the quick goal kick.

Kick offs 2 Lessons

Opposition Kick offs

We will dictate what the opposition does with the ball but only if we know this play.

Throw ins 2 Lessons

Our Throw ins Around Half Way

This play is sure to frustrate the opposition and set us op for an exciting run down the line.

Our Throw in Deep in our Half

Time to get out of a sticky situation. We need a safe option which sets our players off on a run towards the opposition goal from deep in our half and this play can provide it.

Corners 3 Lessons

Our Attacking Corners

Watch this video to find out where practically every corner kick should land, whose job it is to get on the end of it and how we can confuse the opposition.

Defending Corner Kicks

Watch this clip to learn where your should be as that ball is kicked.

Defending a Short Corner Kick

Short corner kicks are rarely as dangerous as a ball played right into the box but it's important we know what to do to ensure the ball is turned over quickly and we can get down the other end of the pitch.
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