When In Possession

Lesson 34 Module 5

I want to wear our opposition down so we can make the most of our fitness late in matches. Learning to retain possession and move the ball in ways which fatigue and frustrate defenders is a long term goal of mine for this team. 

In the short term I want our lads to learn how to create the space at the back, to move the ball and the opposition defence. Since space equals time in football, creating space will buy our lads time and reduce the pressure from oncoming defenders. 

Once they've made space I want the lads making runs which offer easy options which are safe or attacking runs which require a more difficult pass but can lead to a goal scoring opportunity. 

I'd like our lads to score the majority of goals from cross pass and tap ins on the far post as opposed to taking long shots or dribbling through a team. This means a lot of our play should go down the wings and result in precise crosses to unmarked attackers. 

We obviously need to be able to play through the middle as well but I see this as a medium term goal for us. We've just moved to 7 aside football so have only just started having a CM. On attack our CM will mostly be used to feed wingers or get on the end of a cross or rebound. 

Our keepers will learn to kick from hand but need coaching on when to do so and when to play to a defender instead. 

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