Out of Possession

Lesson 37 Module 5

We are currently two sessions into learning about compressed defending. Before this we had worked a lot on goalside marking and always having at least one defender as the last man but our midfield was still diving in and missing or jumping to block a pass which didn't come. 

Compressing at the Back

When it is clear the opposition has possession within our half all defenders and midfielders will drop back and compress the space in front of goal but leaving space for the keeper. 

This should make it hard for opposition to dribble or pass through and will enable our stronger defenders to support those less experienced players. Less experienced players will have less inclination to make tackles but to prevent passes instead by blocking. 

Applying Pressure to the Ball Carrier

When the opposition has the ball in our half my ideal is for the lads to only apply pressure through one or two players at a time and these players should change depending on which part of the field the opposition has the ball. 

Eg. Ball on our left but outside the box then striker and potentially left wing to pressure. 

Strikers and Centre midfielders are now being encouraged to shield the opposition to their right instead of solely focusing on the tackle. The team will soon be taught to use this as a cue to shift right and push forward to win the ball or force a bad pass. 

I'll ask the lads to come up with a verbal signal reminding everyone of the signal to press. 

This will leave us exposed on our left but few teams will have a left winger who can control a cross pass through traffic and score. Our left wing will also be encouraged to block that pass as they shift over to compress the right. 

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