Our Goal Kick vs Standard Defence

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

If our opposition is not pushing two players up to pressure our backs at the goal kick then we're playing short like we've done in every season so far. 

Instead of the Keeper making a decision on whether to play his left or right back we now want the keeper taking his cue from the CDM (Central Defensive Midfielder). 

If the CDM makes a run to the left then the ball is played to the right. The CDM should make a sudden move and shout for the ball so any opposition attackers are drawn away from the actual receiver of the ball. 

This will buy the defenders a few extra seconds to find their pass. 

The three passing options will be the Winger, CAM or Striker.

We'll do a lot of work on what happens after this pass but in carrying out this first part we'll set ourselves up for a great start. 

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