Coaching Behaviours

Lesson 4 Chapter 1 Module 2

Our coaching behaviours are typically positive and unobtrusive. All three of us like to let the boys play football and will more commonly stop play to point out something which went well than didn't go as we hoped.  

We'll often discuss how an activity is going and what our next intervention will be about. 

There is always a lot of praise for the lads who are trying hard but not achieving much as well as praise for those who are demonstrating play they've learned from lessons we've taught. 

Discipline and Respect

Team Talks

We're all fairly laid back when it comes to letting the lads play but do demand respect when we're talking with the players. We ask the lads to let us talk before asking questions and intentionally finish with a question for the lads to answer. 

We'll never stop a lad from talking if they're on topic but will warn the lads if they're getting carried away or not showing that they're listening. 

We ask questions because we want the lads thinking about their answers. Even if they don't get to provide an answer, just having tackled the question in their head can lead to better understanding of what we're trying to get across. 

During Play

The lads are also reminded to respect us and one another on the pitch. Many of them want to run through the opposition with ball at feet or put in tackles they've seen on tv so we will often perform flyby interventions reminding the lads to treat others the way they want to be treated by others. 

Fouls are called up and the offender is asked to apologise if they have caused pain to the opponent. 

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