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Bishops Cleeve Colts U8’s Rovers Team Announcement


In this post we're excited to announce the teams for our first Gloucestershire Football League  (GFL) Tournaments on the 15th and 22nd of September. 

We were forced to decide on who'd play in each of our two teams before the 20th of August. 

Read on to learn who's in each team and what influenced selections.

How We Selected Players for Each Team

Aiming for Evenly Experienced Teams

First in foremost our aim was to make these two teams as even as possible so both had the greatest chance of experiencing success without leaving the other significantly less experienced. 

We weren't really able to test how closely matched these teams were before selecting them so there's still a chance one will not perform as well but that's unavoidable now. 

Keeping Friends Together

We really wanted to avoid a situation where existing friendships were broken up at this relatively early stage in the lad's club football career. 

Bishops Cleeve Academy students make up about half of the squad so it made sense to put those players into one team and the lads from Grangefield, Woodmancote and others in the other team. 

There have been some great friendships between students of Cleeve Academy and other schools but our priority is not to separate existing friendships at this stage. 

Going Forward

We'll use mini tournaments with other squads to test different team selections and make small changes to GFL Tournament teams should issues around performance or social cohesion demand it.

H​ere are the Teams

U8 Rovers

Alfie Ashworth

Aron Baker

Frankie Gibbons

George Ballinger

Joshua Tredwell

Leo Pocket

Manas Atreya

Marley Yearwood

Thomas Ford

Tyler Graham

U8 United

AJ Scott

Alessandro Biselli

Alfie Danter-Wilson

Bishops Cleeve Colts

Alfie Edwards

James Kennedy 

Joseph Dee

Max Williams

Oliver Williams

Thomas Harvey

There is a chance these teams could change but unlikely as most have been submitted to the GFL and will take further admin to change. 

If you or your son would desperately like to change please let us know asap so we can make arrangements. 

We will start practising with these teams from the first session on the 1st of September. 

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Conor is the Head Coach of the Bishops Cleeve Colts U8's Rovers and United Teams. The 2018-19 season will be his second in charge and he's keen to help the boys push on from the huge improvements shown in 2017-18.

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