Attacking and Defending

We've spent the last 3-4 weeks on putting the lads in positions where they cannot avoid the need to use their weaker side and become aware of the benefits of improving it. This next coaching block will help them make the most of their new abilities and exploit any deficiencies in their opponents. 

Using Team-mates and Diving in

Over the last few weeks we've been warming the lads up with a gauntlet style activity whereby players dribble through a channel and attempt to get past defenders. There's loads of running, deception, tackling and fun. 

The lads love this activity but they've both disappointed and delighted with their performance. 

On attack the lads have surprised with their ability to perform challenging combination passes to get past a defender while on defence we've found the lads very static and erratic in their strategy for tackling.

This next coaching block will be aimed increasing the likelihood attackers will use their team mates and defenders will decrease their likelihood of getting skinned. 

Draw and Pass 

One activity will be aimed at teaching the lads how to use their team mates to beat any defender or goal keeper with an effective draw and pass. 

By committing the defender, passing to a team mate and sprinting ahead two players can effectively utilise their numbers to beat defenders and goal keepers on a regular basis. 

Forcing Attackers wide and waiting for a mistake

The other activity will teach defenders to shepherd attackers towards the touch lines so they have less passing and shooting options then taking the ball only when the attacker makes a bad touch on the ball. 

Many of our best defenders are diving in and gifting 1 v goal keeper opportunities to the opposition. Our aim with this block is to have defenders prevent this situation and the likelihood they'll miss a tackle or foul the opposition. 

About the Author Conor Graham

Conor is the Head Coach of the Bishops Cleeve Colts U8's Rovers and United Teams. The 2018-19 season will be his second in charge and he's keen to help the boys push on from the huge improvements shown in 2017-18.

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